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Updating an iphone

HEIF is great: using the efficient H.265 codec to compress images, the format maintains similar quality as JPEG at a much lower file size. HEIC images and H.265-encoded videos to the much more universally compatible JPEG/H.264 formats.

HEIF images take at most half the storage space, they sync with i Cloud faster and consume less bandwidth and data when sharing. TIP: If your device does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for HEIF/H.265 capture (an Apple A10 Fusion chip or newer), you won’t see the Formats menu. Doing so allows you to continue using your existing workflow.

HEIC files are half the size with no perceptible loss in quality but because they offer a range of other benefits as well.

Until HEIF is widely supported across popular apps, however, you may want to continue shooting in the JPEG/H.264 formats.

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It’s called Cydia Impactor, and it’s an on-device tool that lets you remove and revert all changes made to a device to return it to its stock configuration.If you own an i Phone 7 and newer or a 2017 i Pad Pro, you may have noticed that updating to i OS 11 defaults the Camera app to capturing photos in Apple’s new High Efficiency Image File Format (.HEIC files) and videos in the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC or H.265) format instead of the ubiquitous JPEG and H.264 media formats.That means that Powermat can push firmware updates to in-store pads, allowing the company to add Qi charging without requiring that stores like Starbucks physically replace all of its chargers.According to , the update will be rolling out on a location by location basis, and while Powermat isn’t confirming when that will actually be, it hopes to have it done by the time the new i Phones make their way into the world.

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Considering that’s Cydia Impactor is made by Saurik himself, then I’d say that this is a pretty big deal. Sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts.