Updating pc bios

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In the Command line for older BIOS updates that use hpq specify the command hpq -s.

As mentioned before I have my update steps after my BIOS REPSET import settings step (which enables the TPM etc).The Motherboard came out of a Gateway DX4860 Desktop: The latest version (as can be found on the Gateway link above under 'BIOS') is: P03-A3.I am not familiar with flashing the BIOS, I do know that it can brick the Motherboard if done incorrectly. Inside the download Gateway offers for the P03-A3 version are these 3 folders: DOS/-AFUDOS.exe-BIOS_ROM/P03-A3WIN/AFUWINx64.exeamifldrv32.sysamifldrv64BIOS_According to the readme that's provided I am supposed to be able to simply run BIOS_and it will do everything from within Windows. So is there a way I can manually do it with a USB stick from bootup?You can connect LED strip with 5050 header directly and decorate your room as a colorful live concert.At 0.29L and 285g weight, the RACING P1 is one of the smallest and lightest Mini-PC in the world - so small that it can put Quad-Core CPU, RGB LED, and 6 USBs all in your pocket! RACING P1 comes with Intel Z8350 Quad Core 1.92GHz processor, the cutting edge 14nm technology CPU, and Intel HD graphics make tough task a piece of cake with unbelievably low energy consumption.

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This avoids the scenario where a BIOS update is attempted using a password switch where that device doesn’t have a password set. Having said all of this, if you don’t set passwords for your BIOS or don’t enable Bit Locker then ignore the last few paragraphs!

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