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Updating tomtom 700

We don’t think that this DIY approach is that easy.It is a risky move at best if you do not know what you are doing.We are still seeing that the problem exists on an older i Phone.People continue to report that one their older models, the Waze App still does not functioning although the Apple Map works intermittently.Downgrading to an earlier i OS doesn’t cure this problem either.Some users found that by replacing the internal antenna they were able to circumvent the issue.This process only worked for some time, but for most people, the problems returned. If you’ve recently traveled, it updates to your current time zone, date, and time of day.

If you have GPS issues only when using a particular app, check the App Store and if available, upgrade that app.You start your navigation and the icon for your current location just wiggles but never moves as you drive, walk, or whatever mode of transportation you’re using.And unfortunately, many of these GPS problems surface just after an i OS upgrade, so the standard Apple advice to update to the latest i OS is not a proper fix.There’s a lot of technology driving our i Device’s GPS, resulting in quite a few kind of things that might go wrong.Unfortunately, the usual Reset – Restore method does not appear to help with GPS issues.

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Many users have reported issues related to GPS problems after they upgraded their i Phone to the latest i OS.