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Updating translate

Lokalise has turned a task we were dreading into an absolute pleasure. The automatic text recognition for screen shots has been a life saver, and over the air updates are the icing on the cake.

Import your Android Resources (.xml), Apple Strings (.strings), Apple Stringsdict (.stringsdict), Comma-separated values (.csv), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Gettext (.po, .pot), Java Properties (.properties), JSON flat (.json), JSON nested (.json), Objective-C/Cocoa Properties (.plist), PHP Arrays (.php), PHP INI (.ini), PHP Laravel localization files (.php), Qt Linguist (.ts), Salesforce Translation (.stf), XLIFF (.xlf, .xliff), YAML (.yml, .yaml).

This is the recommended route if you have proprietary content that you don't want everyone to see.

The intent is to support small and independent Open Source projects.See instantly your updated texts on simulated and real mobile screens as you make changes in the editor. Invite your translators and proofreaders as testers and send them your app with a bundled Lokalise SDK Live Edit Module.Our professional translators can translate your app into the most popular languages.When Word Press does an automatic update to a plugin, any custom translation files inside the plugin directory will be lost, so please .With that in mind, you may want to use one of the following alternative methods of keeping translations upgrade safe.

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And non-Transifex users can see the public pages for a public project.