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It is illegal for use for nonmedical reasons in Canada, the U. Steinberg’s gender-selection patients are typically around 30 years old, educated, married, middle to upper class.

They also typically have a couple of children already, unlike the women in his waiting room undergoing in vitro fertilization and hoping to conceive any child at all. A 2006 survey by Johns Hopkins University found that 42 percent of fertility clinics offered PGD for gender selection.

The average cost of a gender selection procedure at high-profile clinics is about ,000, and an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 procedures are performed every year.

Fertility doctors foresee an explosion in sex-selection procedures on the horizon, as couples become accustomed to the idea that they can pay to beget children of the gender they prefer.

But that was half a decade ago, before many clinics undertook aggressive online marketing campaigns to drive the demand.

Gender selection is the primary business at Steinberg’s Fertility Institutes, with nurses casually asking couples in the waiting room whether they, too, are interested in selecting the gender of their baby.

The remaining seven cells will go on to develop normally if the embryo is chosen and implanted in a client’s uterus.

Steinberg seems to enjoy the attention, whether good or bad.After fertilization and three days of incubation, an embryologist uses a laser to cut a hole through an embryo’s protective membrane and then picks out one of the eight cells.Fluorescent dyes allow the embryologist to see the chromosomes and determine whether the embryo is carrying the larger XX pair of chromosomes or the tinier XY.But then the ethics committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a nonprofit organization that attempts to set standards in the industry, came out against prenatal sex selection for nonmedical reasons in 1994.The group said the practice would promote gender discrimination and was an inappropriate use of medical resources. In 2009, Steinberg came under a worldwide media firestorm when he announced on his website that couples could also choose their baby’s eye and hair color, in addition to gender.

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In his spacious, oak-paneled office down the hall, Steinberg is surrounded by photos of his own naturally conceived children. The United States is one of the few countries in the world that still legally allows PGD for prenatal sex selection.