Validating my windows xp

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What we usually advise to our customers is to buy a new installer or driver to the Authorised Dealers of Microsoft. If you require additional assistance please contact us on 03 (UK) or 0818 717 100 (EIRE).Or you may contact Microsoft (details below), for the purchased. We’d recommend saving to the desktop for easy access. Alternatively you can visit our Support website where you will find FAQs, How-To-Videos and other useful information for Samsung products. Customer Service Representative Funny thing is, you try to do things legally and they literally throw poo over your face, not wonder they have no chances in winning against piracy.The thing is the lappy, when I bought it years ago, came shipped with an original copy of windows xp (I have windows 7 at the moment).What should I do to reinstall a genuine copy of windows xp?

During restart a window will pop up informing you of the success in removing the WGA Notifications component and what has been removed to accomplish this.thanks Contact MS or the hardware vendor to see if you can get a copy of the key. As I thought, Microsoft are completely useless, but they did say though, that since my laptop is samsung, then samsung should hold a list of product keys associated with machines, so perhaps I'll retrieve it that way.The vendor may be the better bet since you can give them the serial number of the machine and they should (maybe, if you are lucky) be able to look it up in their database. I'll get in touch with samsung and see what they say G'day Violet_82, Let me understand this correctly ?Also, do you have, or have you downloaded from the Samsung website, the drivers for the Samsung nc10 laptop ? This is to acknowledge that we have received your email about the product key.- you will need them to install after you have installed XP from a CD or files on a HDD otherwise you will end up with "Device Manager" errors and your RJ45 (wired network) wireless, and other devises on your motherboard associated with your Laptop will not work correctly. As I am trying to contact you on the phone number provided (xxxxxx), unfortunately I was not able to reach you.

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That’s all well and good, but you can’t even buy Windows XP any more even if you were using a pirated version and wanted to go legit!

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