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Virus email updating my address book

If this pop mail account uses a Global Inbox (Local folders) then select ' Junk folder on' and select ' Local Folders' If IMAP mail account choose: ' Other' and select the Junk or Spam folder (depends upon what that folder is called on the server) on that imap mail account.

The button ' Global Junk Preferences' is a shortcut to: ' Tools' ' Junk' tab This is where you set your default junk mail settings.

I have marked the e-mails from this e-mail address MULTIPLE time as NOT junk and that does NOT have any affect. Dennis Junk Settings for the mail account: See image below as aid.

They will also be treated correctly if I move them to the input window and then run filters.

The problem seems to be present only while filters are run immediately after a mail download.

If you want to clear the data collected and used for Junk Mail controls and reset the training data, click on button ' Reset Training Data'.

Click on OK to close and save Options Click on OK to close and save Account Settings. I had not realize there was a Junk setting per account.

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You can also enable the junk filter log which I have found to be very useful especially when trying to work out what is being filtered.