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Diminished during the early Soviet period, Etchmiadzin revived again in the second half of the twentieth century, and under independent Armenia.) by Agathangelos, Armenia's patron saint Gregory the Illuminator had a vision of Jesus Christ descending from heaven and striking the earth with a golden hammer to show where the cathedral should be built.

I adored it and I can't see why its rating isn't higher here.The first of Alfred Hitchcock's American films set completely in the United States. See more » As a long-time Hitchcock fan, I avoided this as I would some of his silent dramas, as not typical of his work.However, I just watched one of the funniest, smartest, and sweetest screwball comedies I have ever seen, ranking for me with My Man Godfrey and Miracle of Morgan's Creek.But winning Ann's hand may be difficult as part of Ann's new life is dating other men. Rebecca (1940) and Suspicion (1941) take place in Britain.One of those other men and the most serious is David's best friend ... See more » Because the Smiths entered into the marriage in good faith, and because they were unaware at the time that the marriage was invalid, their marriage is in fact still legal under American law.

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It replaced a preexisting temple, symbolizing the conversion from paganism to Christianity.

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