Who is martina navratilova dating 2016

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Who is martina navratilova dating 2016

​ Those were the two highest profile retirements of the day, but that has been the story of the first round here at SW19.Seven first-round retirements from the men’s singles matches the Wimbledon record set in 2008, with spectators increasingly frustrated at players not completing their matches.They could not believe that it happened again, exactly the same situation.He called the trainer after the set, pulled out at 3-0, the same thing.Federer found Djokovic in the locker room and suggested it, although of course it could not happen.Now the two greats will head into the second round having found it far easier than they wanted to get there.Over the last few years, powerful baseline players have come to dominate in south-west London, with the switch to 100 per cent perennial ryegrass seed in 2001 contributing to the far slower playing surfaces.

This spate of pull-outs raised questions about whether players are showing up unfit, just to receive their £35,000 first round prize money, and then retiring when they cannot play anymore.I feel for the crowd, they are there to watch good tennis, proper tennis.At least they saw the two of us who gave it all they had.” Dolgopolov told Federer when he retired that he felt “too much pain” while serving.But Federer suggested in his press conference that players who were not going to be able to complete their matches should not start them, and that Dolgopolov might have made way for a challenger.“If you feel like it is getting worse and you can hurt yourself further, it is better to stop,” Federer said.

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“I think if you serve really well like some people do these days, I think it's still possible to do it,” he said in his post-match press conference, perhaps a little optimistically.

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