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Little does she know, she's about to get telekinetically blasted to death with a fire hose. With a remake of Carrie (starring Chlo Moretz and Julianne Moore) out this weekend, we called up P. Soles, the actress who played Norma, for her memories of making the original.

Herewith, her stories about director Brian De Palma, Sissy Spacek, and the real hero of her Carrie experience, that hat.

What was your initial reaction to the Carrie remake?

Well, just the initial reaction of, Oh my gosh, why would they try to remake Carrie?

After that George Lucas/Brian De Palma casting session, we had three more casting sessions that pretty much everyone who ended up in the movie went to. I think Amy Irving was up for the role of Carrie [at that point]. And I think Nancy was up for Sue but then she got Chris Hargensen and I was up for Chris but I got Norma. I mean, like I said, Sissy was never at those three reads so we didn’t meet Sissy or even know about Sissy until the day after the screen tests.

Look, he’s got that look on his face, like he’s enjoying all this.

There’s a sadistic guy in there.” [Pretending to be Nancy], “Oh, he’s so cute.” No, Nancy, no!

And then the subsequent three auditions, every time I would go, he’d say, “Next time bring your hat.” But I was reading for the part that Nancy Allen got [Chris Hargensen, the meanest girl] because the part of Norma was really only one line at the very beginning, at the volleyball game, when I take my hat off after we lose and I say, “Thanks a lot, Carrie” and I whack her over the head with this hat.

How’d Norma wind up becoming a bigger character, then? Brian has talked about how he had another actress in mind for Carrie before he cast Sissy Spacek.

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When the pigs' blood spills at the end of Carrie, front and center in the crowd of delighted bullies in that school gymnasium is Norma, the girl who always wears a red baseball cap, even to prom.