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Who is susan sarandon dating 2016

As a child, Williams kept to herself and was self-sufficient; as she has said, "I was really secretive with my parents and I think I sort of continued that... I don't know why." Following this, Williams appearanced in the made-for-television movies My Son Is Innocent (1996), which saw her transition into more dramatic work, and Killing Mr.Griffin (1997), where she plays a member of Susan's (played by Amy Jo Johnson) geek clique.

All the cast members, including Bobby Cannavale and Patricia Clarkson, were nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Cast in a motion picture.From then on, Williams began to work in independent features, which attracted smaller audiences."I feel like I haven't been working in a particularly flashy or visible way," she reflected to Vogue magazine."If you weren't looking for them, you would miss the movies that I've made that I'm proud of." Asked if her roommate role was interesting to play, Williams said: "I think what it needed to be was helpful.Somebody to stand like this [punches her hand] so that she [Ricci] could keep smacking up against it." Williams rounded out the year in The Station Agent.

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you spend so much of the year doing something you are not entirely invested in.

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