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Posted by / 29-Nov-2019 13:35

Whos dating lindsey lohan

More self-proclaimed conquests from Lindsay Lohan's alleged "sex list" have been revealed, and there are certainly some big names on there.

Last week, the purported Lindsay Lohan sex list hit the web, supposedly ratting off 36 famous men she had done the deed with through the years.

She moved to the UK last year after appearing in a West End play, Speed the Plow, following a stint in rehab for drink-related offences in the states.

They said no crime was committed and no arrests were made.Someone took a photo, and I'm pretty sure I know who it is, unfortunately. Whoever did it certainly didn't care about Lindsay- or her famous, er, acquaintances.We're guessing they went from looking at her sex list to being on her sh*t list! “Loads of police cars then arrived and the whole road was awake, looking out their windows to see what the commotion was. It was such a fuss for what is normally a quiet area.” Another neighbour said: “I thought maybe something serious had happened. It’s my house get out of my house.’’ She was also heard shouting to Egor - who was also near the balcony: “I’m done. You can’t strangle a woman constantly and beat the shit out of her and think it’s ok. One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “I was about to pick up the phone and call the police but somebody else in the street had already beaten me to it. I was really concerned about her safety - it sounded like she needed help.

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