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“The last thing you want to do is discourage development,” says Jenny Schuetz, an urban economist at the Brookings Institute, a Washington think tank.

For all the risks, inclusionary housing programs haven’t proved all that effective.

Although the zoning code is far from perfect now, at least it guides taller buildings to wider streets that handle density.

The biggest concern is that the bill will backfire and actually reduce the amount of affordable housing being produced in Philadelphia.

She was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism. As their housing costs have skyrocketed, pricing out the working poor and making it difficult for even middle-income people to find affordable housing, those cities have adopted laws requiring new developments to include subsidized units for low-wage workers.But since the bill was introduced in June, developers specializing in affordable housing, such as Jeffrey Allegretti of Innova Services, also have voiced concerns.The automatic extra height or density isn’t going over well with neighborhood groups, either.The developers acquired the land for a dollar from the city and tapped into a variety of federal housing credits to produce a mixed-use, mixed-income project that includes 129 units of housing for low-income residents. To Innova’s Allegretti, there are better ways to produce for-sale affordable housing.By tapping into the city’s existing programs, he was able to build 15 affordable units in Point Breeze that will sold for an average of 9,000.

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