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Wpf datagrid observablecollection not updating

To determine whether a non-IFS BSP or LSP is installed, use the A bug in the . Encrypted Xml began to fail and throw Security Exception exceptions. NET Framework 4.6 and 4.6.1, the method throws a Cryptographic Exception if the signature itself is badly formatted. NET Framework 4.6, the exception message given if a Data Contract Serializer or Data Contract Json Serializer fails to serialize or deserialize due to missing 'known types' has been clarified.

NET Framework 4.5 causes values set via a null coalescing operation to not be visible in the debugger immediately after the assignment operation is executed when running on the 64-bit version of the Framework. This change adds the required asserts so that all functions using Cng Lightup have the required permissions. NET Framework 4.6.2, this method returns False if the signature itself is badly formatted. Apps should not depend on specific exception messages.

For all other connection attempts, the connection pool blocking period continues to be enforced. NET Framework 4.6.1 and earlier versions, when an app encounters a transient connection failure when connecting to a database, the connection attempt cannot be retried quickly, because the connection pool caches the error and re-throws it for 5 seconds to 1 minute.This can typically done by explicitly casting the methods' type parameters as Type.See this link for more detail and examples of how to workaround the issue. NET Framework 4.6, the Persian Calendar class uses the Hijri solar algorithm.Enable View State Mac must be assumed to be true, and any resulting MAC errors must be resolved (as explained in this guidance, which contains multiple resolutions depending on the specifics of what is causing MAC errors). NET Framework 4.6, the value of Dynamic Base would be randomized between application domains, or between processes, if Use Randomized String Hash Algorithm was enabled in the app's config file. NET Framework 4.6, Dynamic Base will return a stable result between different instances of an app running, and between different app domains.Dynamic bases will still differ for different apps; this change only removes the random naming element for different instances of the same app.

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If this behavior is undesirable, the connection pool blocking period can be configured by setting the Pool Blocking Period property introduced in the . The value of the property is a member of the Pool Blocking Period enumeration that can take either of three values: Open() and Open Async(Cancellation Token) fail in the .

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